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This contract shall be established between the hirer and the bungalow owner based on the information provided by the hirer at time of booking; any variation in this information can render the contract null and void and discharge the owner of any liability to make the bungalow available to the hirer on arrival. The contract will be on the basis of the hirer reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions of hire.

Your booking must be on our booking form and sent to us with a booking deposit of 30% of the total holiday letting fee. Completion of this form does not constitute a booking until a) you have received a booking confirmation from us and b) we have processed and cleared full payment from you. The balance of the letting fee must be received by us no later than 8 weeks before the beginning of your holiday. In the event of a visitor canceling and if the property cannot be re-let you will have to pay the whole quoted price for the period booked.

Cancellation insurance is recommended.

A damage deposit of £100 must be sent by cheque along with your final payment. This will be returned if a SAE has been provided, otherwise it will be destroyed following the end of the letting if there is no damage. The property owner shall be entitled to claim from the damage deposit the cost of remedying any breach of these obligations together with the cost of any service or goods provided to or for you for which you have not paid. The cheque would be banked and the balance after any deductions will be sent to you in due course, once the final amount owing has been established.

All occupants of the bungalow must be named on the booking form and any change in these occupants must be notified to the owner.

The bungalow is only to be used by the people named on the booking form. The hirer must be one of the persons occupying the bungalow and the hirer must be 21 or older.

The number of persons in the bungalow must not exceed the sleeping capacity of the bungalow and/or the number agreed at time of booking.

The bungalow is available for occupation after 2 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

Any complaints should be made directly to owner during your stay. Complaints made after holidays cannot be rectified.

We reserve the right to decline a booking or to to refuse to hand over a bungalow to any person who in our opinion is not suitable to take charge. In this case the hire fee shall be refunded in full and the contract shall be discharged without further liability on either party. We also reserve the right to repossess the bungalow at any time where damage has been caused or in our opinion likely to be caused by the hirer or any member of the hirer's party. In such case we shall not be liable to make a refund of any portion of the hire fee paid.

The owners do not accept any liability for loss of or damage to personal effects, baggage, vehicles or vehicle accessories, or any other item belonging to the hirer or any member of the hirer's party.

Hirer is responsible for keeping the bungalow in good condition. Any breakages and/or damage to property will have to be paid for.

The Owner retains the right to access.

Bedding and linen are provided (except for cots), as are towels and tea towels. Beds will be made up ready for your arrival. There are spare blankets etc.. You will need to bring your own towels for a swimming pool and/or beach.

Groceries and newspapers: We can arrange for groceries to be left in the bungalow for your arrival, also newspapers can be delivered daily. An order form is enclosed with your final receipt which we request you return no later than 10 days before your holiday.

You may only bring pets where you have mentioned them on our booking form and we have confirmed that this is acceptable, with the exception of guide dogs who will automatically be accepted. You will need to agree with the owner the amount of pets, size and type to be in the property and gain our consent. Failure to follow these rules may be considered a serious breach of these Terms and Conditions and the owner will be entitled either to refuse you to take possession of the property or to require you to vacate at once. Where pets are allowed there are certain ground rules. You must always clear up after your pets and you must remove all trace (inside and in the garden) of your pets having been present before you leave the property. If you do not, the owner may retain some of the Damage Deposit. It is a condition of pets staying in the property that pets are not allowed on furniture or in any bedrooms. Pets must not disturb neighbours (for example, by barking all night). Once pets are outside the boundaries of the property, please make sure that they are supervised since dogs worrying farm animals are liable to be shot. Please do not assume that local beaches will allow dogs as some do not, particularly in summer. Feel free to ask us for information on this.

The owner may cancel a booking already made at their own discretion and if the property becomes unavailable for any other reason beyond the owner's control. Examples of such may include personal circumstances, flooding, fire and other significant damage to the property or failure of utility services to the property. If this happens we will refund to you any sums you have already paid, but we will not have any other liability to you.

We cannot accept responsibility for any items left behind in your accommodation after your holiday. All enquiries must be directed to the owner. We may be able to retrieve these during changeover time. However, we will not disturb visitors for retrieval of goods.